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About Us

Rising Adults Academy is an online learning center that provides life skills education for adolescents and emerging adults that are transitioning into adulthood. Research shows that having life skills is critical to adult success, however, most public schools no longer teach students how to survive in the real world, as most curriculums now are focused on academic achievement. Unfortunately, this means that many students enter adulthood without the basic knowledge and skills that are needed to thrive. With the success and livelihood of emerging adults at stake, Rising Adults Academy is aiming to bridge the gap.

Our goal is to provide individuals with a well-stocked toolkit that they can use as they navigate through emerging adulthood. We offer free access to course videos that are animated, short, and self-paced. We also provide discussion groups with every course so that students can interact with our instructors as well as other students!

At Rising Adults Academy, we feel that the future of our society rests on the success of younger generations, therefore, we are dedicated to helping adolescents and emerging adults acquire the tools necessary for a successful transition into adulthood, with confidence and competence! 

Mission & Vision


Our mission is to provide emerging adults affordable access to education and resources that contribute to a successful transition into adulthood. 


Our vision is that all emerging adults will be equipped with the knowledge and skills that are necessary to be self-sufficient members of society.

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