The Inspiration Behind Rising Adults Academy

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Rising Adults Academy was founded by owner and Certified Family Life Educator

(CFLE-P), Angelique Hill. What started as an idea to create a life skills book for her own children, turned out to be an entire academy dedicated to providing life skills education for emerging adults that are transitioning to adulthood. Angelique claims that her passion to help young people is derived from the lack of life skills that she had herself as an emerging adult, and also because she seen the need for life courses to be taught to young people, specifically emerging adults.

Research suggests that having life skills contributes to adult success, and Hill fully supports that research, as she knows first-hand how the lack of life skills can be detrimental to one's development. The owner spent most of her emerging adulthood struggling as a single mother while learning the life skills that she needed to survive. She wanted to help other emerging adults, so she decided to create an academy where she could teach the most common life skills that all young people need to know before entering into adulthood. She emphasizes both surviving and thriving in this stage of development. "You only have one life in this world, you've got to at least enjoy it. Just surviving isn't enough", says Hill.

So why the name, "Rising Adults Academy"? As a member of the Society for the Study of Emerging Adulthood (SSEA), Angelique is heavily invested into this group of individuals. It was from her research that she learned about the different challenges that emerging adults were facing and how they need to be advocated for. So she thought about the name, “Emerging Adults Academy". However, she felt that “Rising Adults Academy” was more fitting. “It (the name) just sounds more empowering, and that’s how I think all young people should feel entering into adulthood. They should feel empowered because they are rising, and hopefully thriving", says Hill.

That being said, Hill envisions Rising Adults Academy as a learning center that supports emerging adults by providing them with the education and resources that they need to be successful. “The courses are just the beginning—I have bigger plans for this academy.”, the owner says. Hill plans to share more of her personal experiences of emerging adulthood and Rising Adults Academy in her upcoming book, “The Rise: Emerging into Adulthood”. More info on her book release is to be announced at a later date. If you wish to connect with Angelique, follow her on Instagram here.

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