Twenty One Pilots and Shy Away – Lyrics to Inspire You

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

On April 7th, 2021, Twenty One Pilots surprisingly released the song “Shy Away”, while also announcing their album release date of May 21st. Many of us can’t get enough of the hit single, and much of it has to do with what it means. Whether you have been a fan of Twenty One Pilots for years or just getting into their songs, “Shy Away’s” lyrics are relatable and can be applied to our lives.

“Shy Away” is inspired by the advice that the lead singer Tyler Joseph gives to his brother, Jay Joseph. It is a song encouraging Jay to follow his dreams without shying away from his true potential. Jay would question Tyler about songwriting and how the music production process works, and that inspired Tyler to write a song that is universally applicable to all of us.

The Meaning of the Song “Shy Away”

Tyler’s interview with BBC Radio 1 on April 7th, 2021, discussed how he wanted his brother to “shed his modesty” to discover more about himself on a deeper level.

“Shed your modesty And the only thing to leave behind Is your own skin on the floor”

In these lyrics, Tyler says to his brother and the listeners, leave your skin behind, a metaphor for how reptiles shed their skin during molting and become a new person and pursue their dreams relentlessly.

Don’t you shy away (Ah-ah-ah) Manifest a ceiling When you shy away (Ah-ah-ah) Searchin’ for that feelin’ Just like an “I love you” (Ooh, ooh) That isn’t words (Ooh, ooh) Like a song he wrote that’s never heard (Ah-ah-ah)

In the chorus, Tyler repeatedly uses the phrase “shy away,” in which he means that the listener is hiding from themselves instead of finding a deeper meaning for their lives. In the interview, Tyler describes a special moment when searching for yourself where you find creativity and imagination in your life.

We learn from these lyrics that you should dream and actively pursue them to fulfill your purpose. Don’t ‘shy away’ from who you are and shed the skin of the old you. Tyler also mentioned “circling the track” to let people know not to follow what everyone else is doing and be your own person. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and going against the norm.

Let the song encourage you to follow your dreams and not “shy away” from your true potential. You can manifest your dreams and the plan you have for your life by breaking away from fear. Set the bar high, and don’t hold back!

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